OUTLINES, the debut album


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1. Change
2. Just A Detail
3. What I’d Give To Touch Your Skin
4. Outlines
5. Beside The Silence
6. And Now Run
7. God Has Mercy
8. No Back And Forth
9. Sushi Suicide
10. It’s Always Been Too Late


Ten tracks that span the sonic territories of artists like Fink and Ben Howard, with english lyrics telling about everyday’s different moods such as melancholy, weariness, absence, as well as wonder, inner strength, desire to change. Those exposed and fragile areas that represent our most vulnerable side, made of doubts and uncertainties. Part of the album was written during a short brasilian tour in 2015, when Enrico and Matteo had the chance to face a much different reality, where humanity and warmth are mixed with despair and need for getaway.

After a strictly acoustic-oriented start, with no drums or grooves whatsoever, they introduced the use of effects and rhythmic sounds by sampling their own instruments. The result is a bunch of songs modeled by the fine balance of energy between the cello and the “rough voice”, a technique supported by Matteo in quality of national coordinator with the Lizard Academy.

‘Outlines’ production was reduced, intimate; home recording sessions featuring also the two musicians’ partners, Giulia Cappagli who played the sax on ‘Just a detail’ and Veronica Granatiero, soprano on ‘Sushi Suicide’. Extra melodic percussions were played by Giacomo Tongiani on ‘No back and forth’.

The album-closing track ‘It’s always been too late’ has been included in the sound track of ‘G&T’, a webseries that tells the story of friends/lovers Giulio and Tommaso. Since 2012, ‘G&T’ shows the difficult aspects of gay and straight relationships, in a time where the need for equal rights is of the essence.


INK TREES Enrico Messina & Matteo Ratti
Giulia Cappagli sax on Just a detail
Veronica Granatiero soprano on Sushi Suicide
Giacomo Tongiani marimba and glockenspiel on No back and forth
Produced and mixed by Federico Malandrino
Mastered by Gianluca Patrito at G-effect studio
Artwork by Lucia Matteucci
Design by Nicoletta Carbotti, FattoreQ
Executive producer: Davide Fuschi, The Goodness Factory
Label: IndiePendente
Powered by Eppela and Postepay Sound